White Market joined the celebrations of International Women’s Day on Spark Sunderland with a live full hour of free music by female artists. On top of that we gathered the voices of some inspirational women that are actively involved in open content, digital freedom and activism. The show included messages from MEP Julia Reda, who is behind the current revision of the copyright legislation in the EU; Free Music Archive director, Cheyenne Hohmann; and Jen Wike Huger, content manager at OpenSource.com.

Playlist will be updated soon! In the meantime, you can listen again here.

I had the great honour and pleasure to talk to Julia Reda and find out a bit more how you can help #fixcopyright. Julia Reda is a Member of the European Parliament, having the only seat owned by the Pirate Party. She is also a Vice-President of the Greens/EFA group. Since last year, she has been actively fighting for a copyright reform within the European Union – basically trying to make things more uniform and simpler to understand across the various EU territories. She has looked into the various copyright legislations and compiled a list of things that are confusing, contradictory and need an update that is in line with a society that has internet as a focal point and mean of communication. After that, Julia Reda designed a proposal that has now gone under some changes and is still under discussion. During the interview, we talked about some of her main goals, what she accomplished so far and how people can get involved in this quest.

You can follow Julia Reda’s work on her website, her Facebook page, and on Twitter.

Six Umbrellas – Zombie Disco [Soundcloud/FMA]
Alex OMFG – Hello [Soundcloud/Starfrosch]

.: Photo by ActuaLitté :. CC-BY-SA